Healthy Food A nationwide healthy diet campaign for nutrition balance and wholesome eating habits

Wholesome Food Education for Children

Eating habits in childhood determines one’s health for lifetime.

The Wholesome Food Education for Children is a campaign that encourages our children to understand where our food comes from equips them with the ability to choose wholesome food on their own. Since its beginning in 2010, the campaign has inspired more than 100 thousand children and it is now the nation’s representative early childhood food education.


The campaign is for pre-school and elementary students and their parents, consisting of taste education for learning to choose natural food, nutritional balance education for experiencing 2-1-1 balanced diet, food label education for understanding the nutrition facts label, and animal welfare education for discovering healthy meat eating beneficial for humanity, animals and environment.

The Wholesome Food Education for Children is a program where a fooducator,
a professional wholesome food curator, pays a visit to students.



  • 2-1-1 Balanced Diet : a nutritionally balanced diet with 2:1:1 radio of vegetable to low-saturated fat protein to whole grain
  • The Wholesome Food Education for Children is provided onlien and offline by the Pulmuone Foundation and Food for Change, a social enterprise for food culture education.



Before 55.6%
After 72.1%

percent of children who showed changes in perception, attitudes and behaviors before and after taking Wholesome Food Education Class

Wholesome Food Education for Adults

As it is said – like parent, like child.
Healthy food education for adults matters as children reflect
parental eating habits.


The Wholesome Food Education for Adults is a program for parents,
child care teachers, nutritionists and our future food education instructors
who are majoring in education in universities. The program
consists of a blood sugar experiment for understanding low GL diet
and metabolic syndrome prevention, and a lecture
on 2-1-1 balanced diet for daily eating.





  • The Wholesome Food Education for Adults is provided online and offline by the Pulmuone Foundation and the Korean Society of Community Nutrition.



492 sessions

of the Wholesome Food Education for Adults have been held so far

(from 2015 to 2020)

Wholesome Food Education for Seniors

What matters as much as time to one’s life is its quality.

at an unprecedented pace, and healthy senior living and nutrition is one of the country’s most prominent concerns. The Wholesome Food Education for Seniors is a health care program for redressing nutritional imbalances and obesity among seniors


The program includes promoting healthy diet, serving meals with healthy foods for seniors, offering food education and nutrition counselling and providing dietary supplement.


Through coordinating with local health centers, the Pulmuone Foundation is expanding the Wholesome Food Education for Seniors into an integrated health improvement program that includes medical checkups and healthy living education on exercise, non-smoking campaign, alzheimer’s prevention and oral health.






of the seniors participated in the Wholesome Food Education said they are satisfied with the program

Kimchi Academy

Pulmuone Foundation’s Kimchi Academy is a program where our children, multicultural families and foreign visitors can experience the kimjang, a culture of making and sharing kimchi with neighbors which was listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage, and taste the Korean traditional dish they made on their own. The Kimchi Academy, one of the most popular programs of the Pulmuone Foundation, provides opportunities for our children to get familiar with the traditional food and develop balanced eating habits. Foreign tourists and visitors are finding the program very helpful in understanding Korean traditional culture and recognizing the uniqueness and values of Kimchi, one of the world’s popular healthy food.





  • The Kimchi Academy is presented online and offline by Museum Kimchikan,
    the nation’s first kimchi museum established by Pulmuone and the Pumuone Foundation.




of Kimchi Academy have experienced kimjang
and tasted their kimchi

(from 2015 to 2020)

Global Project on Wholesome Food

Pulmuone starts its journey of delivering wholesome food to our neighbors across the globe

In coordination with Nutrition and Education International, an international NGO based in California, the Pulmuone Foundation is launching the Bean Food Promotion Project to tackle the severe malnutrition among the people in Afghanistan. With women and children suffering from poor nutrition caused by the lack of protein, the bean diet is proposed as the best solution.


Pulmuone Foundation plans to promote healthy and sustainable food diet
in Afghanistan through various efforts including developing localized
tofu food recipes and establishing a tofu factory that is run by a social enterprise
with local residents.