Healthy Environment An environment campaign to improve health of environment and humanity

Wholesome Shine Class

The Wholesome Shine Class is the nation’s one and only on-site curriculum that helps our children develop organizing and cleaning skills on their own.

The program introduces how to make cleaning fun and nurtures mind that cares about the environment and their neighbors. A professional instructor visits kindergartens and elementary schools to provide narrations, fun activities and experiences to explain how and why we clean up. For higher-grade elementary students, an extra-curriculum with fine dust environmental education is also provided.





  • The Wholesome Shine Class is presented online and offline by the Pulmuone Foundation and a social enterprise SHINEIMPACT.



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percent of children who showed changes in perception,

attitudes and behaviors before and after taking Wholesome Shine Class

Blue Ocean Class

The oceans provide us with life. We are giving them plastic.


After heavily affecting marine lives and ecosystem and transferring in the food chain, plastic wastes end up taking heavy toll on us humans. Corporate social responsibility activities for fighting marine plastic waste is not a choice but a necessary step for coexistence and sustainability of humanity.


Pulmuone launches Blue Ocean Class with an aim to raise awareness among our children on the importance of harmony between oceans and humanity and the significance of marine waste problem to encourage
using less plastic and leading eco-friendly daily lives.





  • The Blue Ocean Class is presented online and offline
    by the Pulmuone Foundation and a social enterprise SHINEIMPACT.

Clean-up Campaign

Changing the world begins with the very first step of changing what is around us. Pulmuone Foundation launches Clean-up Campaign, an activity for the practice of eco-friendly habits among our children to clean and organize. In the campaign, our children have chances to practice the caring mind for the nature and the neighbors they learned in Wholesome Shine Class and Blue Ocean Class to realize that every one move they make can change the community and eventually improve the earth environment. Clean-up Campaign, as part of the Clean Up The World campaign held in 133 countries across the globe, is the nation’s first cleaning initiative led by our children in their local communities.


Clean-up Campaign is presented both online and offline: Cleaning Project for Children is a 100-day online program where parents and children pick up trash while taking a walk using a platform of the nation’s largest mobile messenger KAKAO, and Ocean Clean-up and School Clean-up are offline campaigns to tackle marine litter issue and collect rubbish around school areas. Through the campaign, our children have a time to think about the health of our environment and learn that even a small act can make a big difference.





  • The Clean-up Campaign is presented online and offline
    by the Pulmuone Foundation and a social enterprise SHINEIMPACT.

Virus & Earth Environment Class

COVID-19 is having a significant influence on the sustainable health of our children and posing a serious threat to the well-being of humanity. With an aim to build a healthier future, Pulmuone Foundation is taking various efforts to protect our families and neighbors from the infectious disease, including educating our children about what virus is and how we can prevent ourselves from contracting COVID-19.


By noting that the health of nature, animals and humanity are closely related to each other, the Virus & Earth Environment Class emphasizes the need to practice decent environmental habits for the prevention of novel viruses. The curriculum of the class, which is advised by professor
Ahn Gwang-seog, a viral immunology researcher at the Department of Biological
Sciences at Seoul National University, is taught by a professional instructor
online or at school.





  • The Virus & Earth Environment Class is presented online and offline
    by the Pulmuone Foundation and a social enterprise SHINEIMPACT.